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  • Rich homie Q Freestyle
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    It's the Guntucky (Kentucky) Bully " HSMG Q " with a few more heartfelt bar's, this time over a rich homie Quan made famous track so press an get a bar or 2 !!! Stay connected with Q on a daily via Twitter: @HighstandardsQ IG: @hsmgq
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    Showing no signs of slowing down or quitting, the MUBU KUSH GOD ???? BUBBLE EYE Blesses us today with another smoke filled visual installment to let you know his wave ???? his movement even down to his bar's is "Different" another fiya track from the "KUSH GOD 2" ALBUM available https://tinyurl.com/kushgod2 So press Play and light up with the "MUBU KUSH GOD" then stay patched in via IG @bubbleeye_ and Twitter @_bubbleeye ????️ We MUBU!!!!
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  • Charley Hood - Rock with me | Shot By : @VOICE2HARD
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    Allow Cold Hearted Ent to Reintroduce the YG 400 affiliate / Inglewood champ " Charley Hood " as he drops a fresh visual for his latest smash " Rock With Me ", which gives you a up close and personal view of the power of hood love, along with that giving you Bonnie and Clyde and Mickey and Mallory vibez.So peep the new visual and stay connected with Charley via Twitter & Instagram @Charleyhood
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    Mr. ️" We Mubu " Bubble Eye Kush is still booting up !! With his fresh visual " Up " the Gmix off his soon to be released Vol 2 of " Backwoods, Bars & Belaire ", as well as another 420 surprise release. So stay tuned and boot up with East Side of Chiraq's best kept secret that's about to be told. Then stay connected with Bubble eye on IG @bubbleeye_  and Twitter @_bubbleeye
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  • MUBUBUBBLEEYE "WE PAID" [GMIX] Filmed & Edited By @NoviCinematics
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    Bubble Eye is back with the second new visual WE PAID" [GMIX] off the new mixtape " Bar's, Backwoods & Belaire " https://tinyurl.com/MubuBBBso peep the new video an tap in with Bubble Eye   on daily via @bubbleeye_   (IG)  @_bubbleeye  (Twitter)
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  • Kununie - Gods (feat. Will Scrilla) [Directed by Shonteau Joshua]
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    Addressing the current state of affairs as it pertains the youth black men as a whole an they way they're suffering for the lack of knowledge of self and purpose... Well the Midwest Underground King "Kununie" has locked in fellow legendary Midwestern (Indiana) to be exact "Will Scrilla" to set the record straight with the epic "God's" so press play an zone out.... Keep up with Kununie  on Twitter @Kununie100
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  • Philly Blocks ft. Cino Fresh - Movies
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    The Louisville Slugger “ Philly Blocks “ Is back with another cinematic visual. This one is Fresh off his “ Mr. 17th EP ”, The Louisville, KY Boss Philly Blocks tag teams on this banger with his fellow Team 563 artist “ Cino Fresh “ to give fans a front row seat to the feature presentation to “ Movies “. So grab the ???? and something to sip on and enjoy the ????️????️. After your done head over to spinrilla and listen to the full project if you haven’t already (https://tinyurl.com/mr17thep) …. Then stay in touch with Team 563 Boss Philly Blocks via Twitter/IG @phillyblocks , and Cino Fresh on Twitter @Cinofresh IG @Cinofresh1
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  • Solo ft CBE Smoke - Touchdown (Directed By Rio Productions)
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    Vocals recorded and mixed by Rio Productions Solo ft CBE Smoke - Touchdown (Directed By Rio Productions) Click Subscribe For Future Releases Follow Rio Productions: https://twitter.com/RioProdCHI https://www.facebook.com/RioProd?fref=search&__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARALRNCUufr_TYoW8xiT8Vy7aHNf9zy9kh6r3tCcNC8a0RM_AJNoJCdoNgOVwRO-SXEwFDcGTyn--Ixl
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    Drill ain't dead are the words utter by the drill Music's best kept secret thats about to be told,Str8 from the Eastside of CHIRAQ (Chicago) hails Mubu Bubble eye who has been a pillar on the Drill scene for a while but gained real notoriety with the release of his "Mubu Kush God" mixtape since then it has been a consistent release of Bar's and underground anthem's, while putting the finishing touches on his touches on his soon to be released "Bar's,Backwoods,& Bellaire," Bubble Eye gives a few visual warm up bar's over the Megan the stallion made famous track "Body" and tap in with Bubble Eye on daily via @bubbleeye_   (IG)  @_bubbleeye  (Twitter)
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  • NMGKeymo X Sxrap4800 "Like That"
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    The King of the NW side of Chiraq(Chicago)"Sxrap4800"aka(The Big ahk)..... Teamed with fellow N.Chiraq artist NMGKeymoe" to give a look inside as to how it goes down on the NW side and reaffirm it's "like that" so play an zone out an keep with the guys via Twitter @thebigahk IG @sxrap4x      Twitter @nmgkeymosa IG @nmgkeymo
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