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  • Marco Da kid & VL -ROUND HERE
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    Another one from the Kirkwood (Lil Mexico) East Atlanta El Jefe "Marco Da Kid" who's known for giving y'all raw & uncut street shhhh.... Team's with "VL" and sense they both Coming from the "6" (Zone6) where things can get a lil tricky they both got a few words of East Atlanta wisdom for ya "stay on point, get money, stay to yourself, round here!!!! So hit play and Zone6 out.... Stay connected with "Marco Da Kid" on a daily via IG/Twitter: @Marcodakid
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  • OTV Jay x TMG Jaskii x VLone #viral #trending #TrenchBrothers
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    @underdaeyeotvent. @drillmusictv700 @trapskudotventertainment4665 OTV Jay TMG Jaskii #viral #hiphop #chicago #strugglinglife #atlanta #music #trending #cbe #memes #cali #newmusic #meekmill #dance #Trapskud #otv #
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  • Troublemaker - OOT
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    the underground drill king from queens   "trouble maker" who has been causing waves with his chiraq partner in drill "fastmoneysunny" with the release of their N.Y.C.H.I. mixtape (https://tinyurl.com/EpNychi).... now "trouble maker" is kickin off the new year with the"oot" visual welcoming you back 2 da "wiggity" so press play   an stay connected to"trouble maker" causing trouble all 2023 via ig (@t.m_54backuppage)
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  • Booman Lord x Run Deep (Official Music Video) Shot By: VultureCultureFilmz
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    Unsigned Artist: Booman Lord Song Title: Run Deep Instagram: Booman_1300
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  • BBO Luna - Fast Car (Official Video | Directed by Infocus Visualz ????)
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    Just when you thought you had heard it all from Chiraq ( Chicago) just when you thought you had Chiraq all figured out you thought nothing new coming from Chi right... wrong..... Allow "BBO LUNA" to introduce himself representing with bars about his family "BBO" as well as trials and tribulations, life lessons of growing up in his section of 17th wood.... The intro begins with his latest visual "Fast Car" where he speaks on how slidin with the ladies, his ops, etc.so press and get locked in.... Tap in with BBOLuna on daily via Twitter/ IG @BBOLUNA1718
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  • Booman Lord x Smooky Smokes x Dizzy (Shot By: VultureCultureFilmz)
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    Another one from the N. West side of Chi-Raq's best kept secret "BooMan Lord" this time he's sliding with his partner in rhyme "Smooky Smokes" who's also hailing from the "1300" section and together they letting those that oppose and try to run up there reaction will leave you "Dizzy" hit   the play   an slide with the Boys from #1300Keep up with the movement via Twitter @boomanlord1300 IG @BOOMANLORD_1300  Idea Inspired By From The Block Videos! Just Want To Give An Extra Platform For Artist In My Hood. Thanks For The Support!!!
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  • Foereign - Outside (Remix)
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    Another one fresh off the block of "17th wood" located in the Pilsen section of Chiraq (Chicago) comes "Foereign" "Mr.1700" armed hard bar's and crazy punchlines..... As show in his newest video the "NBA YOUNGBOY" made famous song "Outside" where "Foereign" takes an completely makes it his own displaying his lyrical versatility.... "Mr. 1700" let's y'all know he's raising star whose hunger and ambition means no beats safe regardless of who's track it is so be on the lookout for "Foereign" your favorite rappers tracks sooner than you think In the meantime press Play an stay connected via IG @FOEREIGN_1700
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  • Px-TNE - Oakland Vlog (Rap Status Exclusive)
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    Its the handicap rappah / executive producer extraordinaire giving you a up close and personal look into the grind from the streets to the booth and on to the stage where he unleashes the magic ✨ so press ▶️ play an get in tune with PX-TNE and the whole TNE DA MOVEMENT......
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  • Fastmoney Sunny , Troublemaker & Joselito Dapuppet - Jit | Juvenile in training
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    Fast Money Sunny , Trouble Maker & Joselito Dapuppet - JIT (Juvenile in training) New single #NYCHI mixtape - New York Chicago ⬇️ Link for mixtape is here ⬇️ https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/fastmoneysunnyandtroublemaker/nychi---new-york-chicago Shot by King Art ???????????? The official YouTube channel of Straight 2 The Top Ent artist FAST MONEY SUNNY. Subscribe for all the latest music, videos, performances, and more. #Jit ???????????? #TroubleMaker ???????????? #FastMoneySunny ????☀️ #Straight2TheTopEnt ????
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  • Yung Lott x Luxury Lex - Treat A Man (Official Music Video)
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    Fatty Atty Records / Flood Game Presents: Yung Lott x Luxury Lex "Treat A Man" (Official Music Video). Directed by: Hatch 86 Films Song Produced by: Lil Rece
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