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  • Nucci Reyo "The King's Kid" Reyo partners with Mark "Mr Idea" Bullock for #Godify.
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    For Immediate Release: Mark “Mr.Idea” Bullock Invests With Nucci Reyo “The King’s Kid” In Creating New Christian Streaming Service- Godify. A new streaming service of the same caliber as Tidal or Apple Music has finally arrived for Christians and its name is Godify! Known as “The Clean Stream”, Godify launches on the scene as a major platform for Christian Artist. Created by Nucci Reyo, “The King’s Kid” and former Platinum recording “ghostwriter” for Sean P. Diddy Combs, stated, “this is revolutionary for Christians...Godify will finally be a Christian platform able to compete with Larger Streaming Services, such as Spotify or Netflix. I knew funding would be key so I decided to bring in Mark Bullock as a partner.” Mark Bullock, known as “Mr. Idea” works with many investors and inventors in developing successful businesses. Mark stated, “I instantly knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve created many apps, but this will be my masterpiece.” Godify solves many problems including children content protection. Many parents complain that it’s impossible to protect their children from seeing unfiltered content. Children are subject to more sex, violence, and explicit language than ever before. Nucci states, “With Godify, you can download it, give it to your child and walk away with peace of mind.” Godify also offers videos and movies. Mark states, “If I had to describe us, I would say image YouTube, Netflix and Apple Music being one combined clean streaming service. That’s what Godify is!” Godify is gaining momentum and attention as its recognized as the first Major Christian Platform. Rutgers University and Princeton University are amongst the first to acknowledge the breakthrough in accomplishing such a daunting task. Mark mentioned in the Rutgers interview, “Major financial backing has been the only hindrance in launching a major christian platform and now that’s over. Godify is a household name for now and the future.” Godify officially launches December 6, 2019. Visit ​www.GodifyStreams.com​ for more information.
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  • Chief Flame explain face tattoos
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  • London, UK...Supporting That New Hit Single "Behind You" by Young Gifted
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    London, UK...Supporting That New Hit Single "Behind You" by Young Gifted
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  • From Russia With Love!!! Huge Fan Supporting America's # 1 Group Hip Hop Young Gifted
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    From Russia With Love!!! Huge Fan Supports America's # 1 Group Young Gifted & Their New Hit Single "Behind You" 
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  • HeJune - Walk With Me (photo shoot)
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    Rap artist HeJune - Limitless Photoshoot shot by Trevor Finney Boston MA | Chinatown Midas Touch ENT. | Ohana Media and Production @JunesCircle
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    by HeJune
  • HeJune - JUNESDAY s.2 ep.3 "With or Without You"
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    Rap artist HeJune JUNESDAY vlog Episode 3 "With or Without You" HeJune does a photoshoot with Limitless Photography in Chinatown Boston MA, performs at Umass Lowell, and spends time in the studio working on new music.Hit the like button and Subscribe now for more JunesDay episodes! For more music click here https://soundcloud.com/junescircle
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    by HeJune
  • 600BREEZY (@600Breezy) - 1st EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | SHOT BY @ZACKTV1 #Team600
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    Zacktv1 caught up with the worlds famous 600BREEZY as he gets ready to drops his new mixtape and ttalked about how he got hooked up with the 600 crew. Bro talked about how it is being a real CHIRAQ savage and what loyalty means to him and his team. Continue to watch BREEZY and his career take off
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