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  • Bloo Madame'- Bama Drip ft. BoSS Ridah
    September 29th Birthday Audio Visual built with PowerDirector Google App. celebrating Bloo Madame. Happy Birthday Hope you like it.
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  • Blakk Diamond- Forbidden Touch #DreamzOfYou #TrapRockVibe #UndeniableIcon #TestimonyOfALegend
    bored on a Friday night...decided to do some promo footage for my Undeniable Icon mixtape. keep da fire department on standby he playing with fire again.
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    found a hammer in the street. haven't had a reason to use it yet. so I used it as a microphone 2 drop one of my Ntrack cellphone audio drops. lol don't judge me. I be bored.
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  • BoSS Ridah- Trench Desperado (We Ride Again) #RenegadeCOWBOY #TBONE #AlabamaBlackRodeo
    For Promotional Use Only. Contains content from 2022 Alabama Black Rodeo filmed by L. Smith in Montgomery Alabama. Director: Tesconniefarentino D.Williams-Campbell (BoSS Ridah) Co-Director: Lasheena N. Smith (Bloo Madame')
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  • BoSS RiDah- Soulja Blues ft. BBKing #DaThrillizGone
    quick lil smoke break rite quick. felt like vibe'n to a throwback. respect to that boi bb king. legend.
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  • Boss Ridah- Diamond Preesha #04Jul2023 #ClubLacura #Project100
    Some more of dAt Ntrack CELLBONE audio visual shyt. My phone gone blow up in my hand one of dese dAmn dAys. YA boi Be workin dAt mfkA lol. i 4got bout this 1 hea fukkin round wit mfkaz who aaint stAndin on bidness. Mfkaz know how i move when i retrace my steps doe so yeAah. Hunt sum shyt down bout minez. But this Wuz 1 of da best days I had in a min even tho I lost my knuckle chain. It iz wat it iz. But yall be sho 2 pop out on minez this week. The turn up gettin realla den eva.
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  • BoSS RiDah- I Fuxx Witcha #FreeNtrackPromo
    dropping another N-Track audio visual feed for promo use only.
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  • BoSS Ridah- Man Down #TBone #thowback
    Down Hea In Alabama turning up on Bloo Madame' (@sapphirebloo) server with a thowback. might as well
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