Advertise on Off The Ave

We have a ton of different advertising options available but here are the best options.

Homepage Ads:
The homepage of every site is always the prime location to advertise on. It is the first page that users see when they visit the site. We can place a horizontal banner ad underneath the featured mixtapes area.

We could also add a background image to the homepage to where if a user clicks on the background it links to your music. See the screenshot below:

Rotational Ads:
If you can get us a 300x250, 728x90 and/or 160x600 banner ad for your music, we can have those ads rotate with our current ads on every page. See the screenshots below:

Private message link(s):
We can add the link(s) for your music to the Admin/Staff members' private messages so that whenever we communicate with members, at the bottom of our messages, there will be an advertisement link to your music.
If you have any other advertisement ideas to include, we're all ears. If the above sounds like the advertising route you would like to take, let us know and we can pitch you a quote as well as a time frame those ads will stay up for.

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