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  • Superstar Floss - Monster (Freestyle)
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    Superstar Floss - Monster (Freestyle) Yap Music CEO - Pistol Pete Artist - Superstar Floss Editor/Director - Avision CEO IG: @PISTOLPETEKARTS Artist IG: @SUPERSTAR_FLOSS Artist Twitter: @SUPERSTARFLOSS Videography IG: @IMAGESBYAVISION / @DUBSDABARBER
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    Lil Jac Featuring Scoop & Cadillac Carter - "Ass On Her" starring Apple Bottom & Fetishhh. Filmed in Baton Rouge, La Directed By: @JohnnieDomino DP: @Koo_Shotya Editing: @TheOrderGCHH For Booking: 225.252.3325 or 225.421.7132 Follow : @cadillac_carter007 @lil_jac @cush_behinddascenes @johnniedominoproductions
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  • WHITE BOY WITH BARS #BarsAndBullsh!t (Official Video) - Matt Johncox
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    The first single from #WorthTheWait Volume 2 #WTWV2. #BarsAndBullshit is a crazy display of Matt's word play and metaphors. #Johncox isn't one for punchlines but this is that song he really steps it up and shows his lyrical skills. "I love Kait/but I can't keep her mouth close with a thousand rolls of duck tape/butt I love her so much I'd eat her ass like a cup cake" www.MattJohncox.com bookmj@MattJohncox for features and business inquires. MONSTER MUSIC BABY #MMB #WorthTheWait Volume 2 by searching Matt Johncox on ALL major streaming services and Itunes
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  • Jae'zus - Rollin Stone (Official Music Video)
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    Jae'zus "Rollin Stone" Official Music Video Produced by Diesel Director | Editor - P. Scally Impatiently Patient available at: http://jaezuslives.bandcamp.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jaezus Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jaezusx Instagram: http://instagram.com/Jaezus Tumblr: http://adoleinstein.tumblr.com/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/vsfmnrc Website: http://jaezusx.com LYRICS: 1ST VERSE Yea.. papa was a rollin stone like he was on both x & weed If you're anything at all like the pine turn down & stop flexin please See I was taught to move with stealth no point of out here makin noise No I'm not out here with the pack its the simple fact that I hate them boys Let me clear it up I don't f*** with y'all, business the only thing on my mind Ain't not one thing here for free but if you talk money then I got the time I've got to grind we've got to eat I've got the rhyme you've got the beat You slowing down I'm top speed bet thats why they f*** with me See luckily I'm from the dirt loving life for what its worth & if they cut they lights off we've got 12 candles in this b**** just waiting to burn & thats word to Kat observe the path that a n**** on not looking back I knew this would be straight when it dropped but this aint from the pot no I'm not cooking crack But you can call it that now hit the pipe same one my daddy gave my grandmother that night Now she's gone from me its a long story for the lord's glory we aint living it right Just picture it like everything is cool & we'll go from there while breaking rules I'ma make it through these gates of truth & I push this hard cause I hate to lose my n**** 2ND VERSE Life gotta funny way of showing all the good shit & all the bad Made sacrifices chasing life is pretty similar to callin a cab Now I'm stuck in traffic its rush hour & to beat it all I'm already late See this the point that most hit decide to pack up shop & then call it a day But not me no I can't quit look at defeat in the face say it ain't shit Me I'ma loud only type of n**** but if you take it further I'll tell you have a safe trip In your spaceship yea it makes sense but you've gotta be in tune with what I say Gotta fear the drive I'm too alive better get inside its under the way What the f*** is he talkin about they be wondering outta the dark to the light they be plundering & the confusion it lasts cause I'm thundering thats why I'm feeling nobody cause f*** with us But everybody cain't feel the same so I'm chin high with no complaints Full sail no slowing down no pit stops no anchor weight I dread the day of a break though gotta make it can't let it make you Why you wanna do only what they lay for you? Lets shingle the grass & pave the roof Yea I just know theres much more you are capable of but just can't stop taking the drugs As stories go & things unfold you start gaining the knowledge of things untold
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  • iRome - Fast & Furious Flow ft. Chingy, Chloe Riley
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    Music video for Fast & Furious Flow ft. Chingy, Chloe Riley performed by iRome. *Artists: iRome, Chingy, Chloe Riley *Feat. Noel G and Neil Brown Jr. from Fast 7 *Director: Cristian Gutierrez *Exec. Prod.: Mathew King Ringo and Foreign *A Cristian Gutierrez Film *Published by H-M Management Site: http://www.iromeofficial.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/irome927 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/irome927 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/irome927 Copyright (C) 2015 H-M Management. -- Powered by http://www.vydia.com
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  • Morvabelly- "Gone"(Prod. By Basquiat Music)
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    Morvabelly- "Gone" prod. by Basquiat Music Directed by @morvabelly,@ddksofamous,& @dailyjuice365 Filmed by @morvabelly & @ddksofamous edited by @morvabelly
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  • KrownMediaHD: Thai [Freestyle]
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    KrownMediaHD presents Thai's freestyle. @KrownMediaHD @ThaiOfficial
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