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  • CASH - Nasty
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    While WAP is simmering down, CASH turns the heat back up with Nasty. Have you ever had sex with a Virgo? ???? Be sure to check out the latest album 'Hear Me Paint' at www.hearmepaint.com Follow CASH on social media: @hearmepaint
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  • Blondetwinz - 2 Different Ziner
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    Blondetwinz Dream & OV , rollout first single “2 Different Ziner”. Duo is bringing hot new melodies to the game, cover art presentation and song quality are 2/2! and who doesn’t love a good hook over a grand piano. First 12 seconds sells the song easily. “2 different ziner, 3 different Ziner” stadium sounding anthem, pull up outside the party, I can definitely hear this playing from in the parking lot. Can’t wait to see what else is to come from the Blondetwinz! Looking to Collab contact Blondetwinz MGMT Blondetwinz.purchase@gmail.com Follow Blondetwinz on Instagram: @blondetwinz.dream @blondetwinz.ov
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  • #Sabre Body Break feat. Nickels Hawkeye. (Produced by: Soul The Interrogator)
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    #Sabre (Soul The Interrogator & Prawphit on Point) Body Break feat. Nickels Hawkeye. Produced, recorded, & edited by: Soul The Interrogator for Red Handed Slaps. Vocals recorded at The Interrogation Room. Edmonds, WA Scratching by: Nickels Hawkeye Mixed & Mastered by: Zebulon Dak at Momentum Studios. Portland, OR Off of the Elementa Records release: Sabre Truth Video shot & edited by Taylor Martin for Parable Films
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  • MaxiMilien - Fresh
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    https://open.spotify.com/artist/41mSFmvPoy57FNkh90O1bt?si=SdK7gXHmTvy4CyGtwuXEbw Out on all streaming platform!!!!! MaxiMilien Merch / Www Hoodies https://www.worldwideway.online​ Www https://www.worldwideway.la
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  • Yung Margi - "VIP"
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    Connect: https://instagram.com/ixeymar
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  • Paul BornaStar Takes It “Outside” With A New Hit
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    Connect: https://music.apple.com/us/album/outside-single/1556624522 https://open.spotify.com/album/4cGU6WNTFTUcylpsHEjSgi?si=e1a548555a... https://www.amazon.com/Outside-Explicit/dp/B08XZFV2XV https://www.facebook.com/paulthevirgo https://www.facebook.com/paulbornastar https://instagram.com/datboypaul
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  • Coldminded Jewelz - "Why I Do It"
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  • Skypp - Sundown Town, USA
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    The official music video for "Sundown Town, USA" by Skypp. From the album, "KING OF INDIANA". Available everywhere! Directed by Reel OG & Skypp Connect with Skypp: https://instagram.com/skypp317​ https://facebook.com/skypp317​ https://twitter.com/skypp317​ https://officialskypp.com​ Connect with Reel OG: https://instagram.com/reel.og/​ https://DaReelOG.com​ (C) Sophisticated Street Music 2021
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  • London Reyes - Know You Want To
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    Listen to "Know You Want To" Out Now! Streaming On All Platforms https://open.spotify.com/album/6KT5XzpN7grVNGjNY5z5iM?si=qFzF-DIdTKGkh5ZYCqaQLw Producer: Ashton McCreight Director: Devan Kinner Film/Edit: Global Film Productions Writer: London Reyes Assistant Director: Zoltan Orban Creative Director: London Reyes Fashion Stylist: Arnold Avila of Gorgeous Entertainment Mua : Malcom MAC Hair stylist : Kenneth McCloud / Next Level Barbers Official music video by London Reyes - "Know You Want To" © 2021 ETS Entertainment, LLC. d/b/a Nocturnal Records. CONNECT: https://www.instagram.com/londonreyesmusic/ https://www.facebook.com/londonreyesmusic/ https://www.twitter.com/ETSLondonReyes https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMICks7GEd_NExSDQoFDK-g #LondonReyes #KnowYouWantTo #NewSingle #HipHop #RandB #Pop #KYWT
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