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    King Bally - This Is America (Remix) (Shot By RKayBee Productions) King Bally is a 20 year old hip-hop artist currently residing in upstate South Carolina. He dropped a mixtape hosted by DJ 864 ‘Break The Chainz’. On this musical release ‘This Is America’ (remix), King Bally takes the Childish Gambino instrumental and gives a conscious manifesto of being a black man in America and being aware of what is going and defiantly maintaining one’s identity and knowledge of self. Lyrically, King Bally did not come to play on this track as he utilizes nearly all the instrumental to give a timely and poignant message over this vastly popular instrumental. With lyrics such as ‘Would you understand the awakening’…. ‘black man with knowledge they probably scared of ya’….’printing off paper keep you enslaved wit dem franklins’ this track is not for those you don’t appreciate a thorough message and real lyrics. Personally, I wish the track was extended so that King Bally could drop more lyrical gems. instagram - https://www.instagram.com/real_kinggg twitter - https://twitter.com/KingBallyyy
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