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Kenneth Andrew Roberts the Real "J.E.V.I. Pe$ci" short For Longevity, J.E.V.I an akronym for Juggernaut of Every Vermin Insight aka Judgement, Environment, Violence & Instinct, the subjects of topics he raps about. Born Nov.19th 1984 in Wilmington D.E and Raised There After in surrounding areas. Influenced by Hip Hop Music & Culture at an early age he evolved in mastering each element of the culture, including Breakdancing, DJing Emceeing & Graffiti, led to acceptance into Cab Calloway School of the Performing Arts. Majoring in Art & Dance Teaching Breakdancing Classes and Performing (with crews) Throughout the East Coast Tristate. Rapping Found Him Recording with Local Talent Producers Matt "M.C Hu$tle" Carmon & Scott "Skizza" Martin at Burb City Productions in 2001-2004 Began, his early career Performing and gaining his reputation through local & undergound circuits. Due to Family structure, Finance, Legal & other personal issues Faced many years of hardships. Overcoming all Obstacles with extreme passion & Sacrifice, Focused at his Talent created, Now, Founder of JEVIPe$ci Productions/Hip Hop Music & Video Producer/Artist/ Promoter/etc. Entrepreneur, & Master of the 4Gotten Elements of Hip Hop! DJing, Emceeing, Graffiti, & Break Dancing!

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